Jasmine, Chorlton – Every table is taken, it shows how good the food is

Spending an evening in Jasmine Chorlton, a popular middle eastern cuisine restaurant, is certainly not because of the decor, the paper table cloths or the close proximity of other customers. This place is buzzing with regulars, many recognising each other.

Jasmine is a place refraining from airs and graces, presentation and alcohol.

The decor is minimal with a few nice ceiling lamps.

This Arabic restaurant is run by very friendly staff. The lack of licence allows the diners to bring there own wine.

The food is typical of middle eastern and Arabic cuisine with many dishes containing chicken, lamb, vegetarian, aubergine, salad, tahini and rice.

This is wholesome food, easy to digest and certainly easy on the pallette. 

The fresh bread that came with the starters is warm and suited to being filled or ripped apart.

Best of all this place is incredibly reasonable with a two course meal with soft drinks and tip for four people coming to £70! Great value and worthy of a return visit.