Jamie Olivers 30 minute Risotto and Salad

Tonight I decided to cook a Jamie Oliver dinner for my wife and I.

According to the title all the meals can be made in 30 minutes!

What’s interesting, before I begin, is the amount of time taken by my wife just to buy the list of fresh ingedients.. but let’s just ignore this minor detail spent shopping and get on with the meal.

Jamie’s style is fun, direct and creative. You certainly need to be able to multi task as the meal requires constant stirring with one hand whilst prepping, chopping and weighing ingredients with the other.

The mission that I undertook was to produce a Risotto with mushrooms and a spinach salad.

The instructions were to the point telling me peel an onion and to throw this, a stick of celery and dried porcini mushrooms into a blender. Then to add oil, seasoning and then whilst stirring to add the risotto, stock, wine, garlic and seasonings. Then finally mixing in parmesan cheese and sautéed mushrooms.

The salad was quite different too chopping fresh spinach, blending with fresh mint, toasted pine nuts extra virgin old and chopped sun dried tomatoes and cucumber.

You know what? The meal was fab! … 30 minutes? Sure if you don’t count prep time and you don’t come up for air .. 30 minutes is achievable.