I’ve not used National Tyres before .. but they exceeded my expectations

The M.O.T. for my car is coming up and I knew I would need two new tyres.

I called my dealer where the service and M.O.T. would take place and asked for a price for the tyres. Their price was very over inflated and so I decided to shop around.

My research on the internet led to National Tyres, where I was able to search for my size of tyres easily. I could choose based on stopping performance, fuel economy and much more, so I bought two tyres amazed at the price, choice of service depots and even the offer of a home visit mobile fitting service.

Two days before my allocated booking I received a call from the branch to tell me the tyres had arrived and if I would like, they would fit them that same day.

I was praying I would not end up being away from desk for more than hour and was not dissapointed when they managed to change two tyres, balance and align the wheels in 25 mins!

Impressed I thanked them and drove back to work.

I’ll be using them again if needed and you can too by clicking here.