Isolation or Useful Time?

With so many people isolated in their homes during the global pandemic, many will start to go stir crazy.

But this may be the time and opportunity to get all the things done in the home that you’ve never had the chance to do.

We all put off until tomorrow what we could and should do today. So here are a few suggestions of my own for filling the useful time that’s been forced on us.

  1. Try sorting out all your house papers, documents, bills, etc. Get rid of documents over 7 years old and if you’re like me, consider digitising and organising your data digitally in folders. You’ll find you gain space in your home too.
  2. Take up a hobby that you’ve not had time to do in the past for instance;
    • painting
    • model making
    • woodwork
    • cookery
    • gardening
    • reading
    • writing
    • learn to play an instrument
  3. Try playing games with your friends and family online. Or have a game if there are just two of you.
  4. Keep the social contact going through apps like Facetime, Facebook Messenger Video, Zoom, Skype, House Party, and others.
  5. Sort our wardrobes, clear out the old clothes that you’ve not worn for years .. you’re not likely to wear them in the future if they’re your second choice.
  6. Catch up on films and tv series that you’ve not been able to keep up with.
  7. If you’re on your own, try doing jigsaws or puzzles.
  8. If parts of the house need decorating or improving this is an ideal time.

Dealing with this pandemic is going to be challenging, but we can and will get through it.

So make use of the time you have, because when its all over you’ll say your too busy!