How do we get from peace to war?

One thing is for sure that the way of life that I experience in this country will not be the same as someone that lives on the other side of this planet.

There are cultural differences, different values and religious beliefs that all influence the way that we live.

But if we have different values to our neighbours or believe our interpretation of living our lives is the correct and better way, how come we end up moving from having peace with those that live a different way of life to the threat of nuclear war.

Our democratic, freedom of speech and human values may differ. Our laws may be very different to others around the globe, but so too are theirs.

In nature animals strive to survive, looking for their next meal and avoid being another animals prey. They don’t however try to change the way that other species live … in fact they rely on them doing exactly what they always do.

The human race has over many thousands of years made huge leaps in evolution, learning to communicate by handheld devices, sending messages in moments around the globe, being able to fly and scientific discoveries that are beyond the average persons capacity to even comprehend.

Despite all the incredible achievements mankind can claim, still it has not learnt to avoid conflict.

It has a voice when it believes its values are not in line with the majority, but that voice, the United Nations is totally ineffective at stopping conflict.

This week a headline read “… on the brink of Nuclear War” … sabre rattling on both sides giving rise to the unthinkable.

But what is really happening here? .. one nation aspiring to be greater than it is, to have a bigger voice than it has now, to have an arsenal that gives it power and another nation incensed by the blatant human rights abuses, the development of nuclear weapons that threaten the globe, humanity and those democratic values that the majority in the West believe in.

But why can’t we have peace rather than wars… is it because of fanatical or religious ideals, perhaps jealousy or are we just challenging each others way of life?

That said are we able to just standby and do nothing? I don’t think so.