Hill Top, Near Sawrey, Cumbria – Beatrix Potter’s House a national treasure

If there is one other thing other than it’s beauty that the lake district is famous for, it’s Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.

Actually, Beatrix was from London, but the Lake District was her sanctuary where she retreated to create the characters for her famous stories. This is where she lived and spent time working on the farm.

Now a part of the National Trust properties, her 17th-century initial residence was a simple home with delightful gardens and many explanations about her as a person, who she married and how the books became famous.

I recommend visiting Hill Top because it clarifies her vision, not just the characters she is better known for. Everything she did, she did to preserve the beauty of the Lake District and help contribute to the creation of the National Trust. She truly believed that history must be preserved and the beauty of the area protected.

She got involved with the farms and gardens and you can see how her paintings were inspired from the gardens.

If you look carefully at the image above you’ll see in the foreground a small image that Beatrix created, inspired by her own garden and now in one of the books she wrote.

Beatrix created all the characters herself and then they were cast in brass. Above you’ll see the dolls house that sits in one of the rooms, which together with nature inspired her work.

A lovely place to visit if you’re in the Lake District, but book first here.