Heavenly Roast Chicken with Herbs and Ravishing Roast Potatoes in Rosemary The Spiceway 

Roast Chicken in a roasting bag is such an easy way to prepare and cook chicken. It keeps the drying heat of the oven out and the moisture in along with all the seasoning and flavours.

This week the nice people at SpiceWayUk sent me their Heavenly Herbs to add to our Friday night roast chicken.

Mixed with lemon juice and olive oil  we were rewarded with a moist flavoursome heavenly tasting chicken with herbs the best we’ve tasted.

The potatoes were par boiled then mixed with heated olive oil in a roasting tray before adding the Ravishing Rosemary. Finally we  mixed it all together and roasted them to perfection. Ballisimo!

Spicewayuk have a huge range of mixed herbs and spices to choose from, presenting flavours that erupt with tantalising aromas, middle eastern flavours and culinary flare bringing the master chef to every home.

The entire range is great value too and you can check it out here.