Funchal, Madeira – Unspoilt, Green and Full of Character

This month, we left on time from Manchester International Airport on an EasyJet flight to Funchal, to the island of Madeira. The island is located West of Morocco in the Atlantic and North of the Canary Islands.

They rightly named the international airport after Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous footballer, not because he was born there, but because of the swerving approach that our pilot had to take to make his landing perfectly between a sweeping bay and sheer drop at the end of the runway emulated his style.

We spent ten nights on this delightful lush green island with friends whilst the Portuguese people showed friendliness, care and passion all around us.

The streets are clean, with art, sculptures, trees, restaurants, and bars.

We saw at least four weddings on the go at the same time. There were classic cars too and as we found out from our tour guides a great deal of history exists behind this beautiful island that we will return to… we only scratched the surface. But enough of that for now … enjoy some highlights.