EcoVia, part of AutoVia, Italian car hire – I was not expecting a car like this

We had booked a break in Puglia, Italy and arranged our car hire via

The price of the car we booked seemed reasonable and large enough four four people and our luggage.

When we arrived at the airport in Brindisi, passed through passport control and collected our luggage we made our way outside.

Signs for EcoVia were nowhere to be seen until we reached a small office and compound. Two members of staff that didn’t appear to speak English, pointed to a main office where we saw major car rental names, so we left the wives with the luggage whilst we went to get the car sorted.

It was in here that we found AutoVia and a small sign for EcoVia.

The staff at the small kiosk were friendly and helpful, but as they were about to hand over the keys and paperwork their computer system went down and they needed to start the paperwork all over again.

By the time we returned with the keys our wives were very vocal in saying the staff had been very rude to them. They wanted to stand in the shade as the temperature was in the 30’s and yet the two members of staff in their words ” had been disgusting” to them.

I asked where the car was and one of the two just pointed in a general direction and walked away.

The car we received can be seen here.

The car was an MG SUV automatic and to be fair was a really nice car to drive despite a poor turning circle, however this is the first time I have ever rented a car in such a state.

Would I rent from them again? … Good question.