EasyJet – if only the PA system worked!

So we passed through a very thorough and busy security and boarded a clearly packed flight to Amsterdam.

Then the first signs of an issue.. Silence!

The plane was suddenly devoid of any background noise, lights went out, computer monitors at the front blank.

The doors to the plane remained open and engineers and attendants hovered around the cockpit.

Clearly there was a problem.

The flight was due to take off at 07:00 but not a word!

Luckily I hadn’t yet turned my phone off.. A notice popped up on the phone after 45 minutes.. ”your flight is delayed!”

I stopped a flight attendant and asked what was the problem?

”Sorry Guys! The PA system is not working so we can’t go anywhere.”

After 70 minutes the Captain came out with a fairly feeble megahorn that few could hear to say that they have had problems all morning, tried to reboot, reset circuit breakers.. But nothing worked and the plane was broke!

EasyJet.. I totally understand that problems happen, that you have no choice but to give no info to anyone.. is ridiculous.

Tell your passengers what’s going on, get decent backup mega phones so that you can talk to us and you’ll not damage your reputation.

On a day when your shares were going down fast.. Keeping up spirits would be a good start!

So we left the plane after being told there was another aircraft that we would transfer to.

After making our way to the information desk in departures, rumours began to circulate that we would depart three and half hours late.

Oh and that was because the plane we would be boarding was being flown up from Luton.

Anyway Easyjet gave us all a £3 refreshment voucher each, which was thoughtful.

Then came the announcement that this was the last call to board gate 11. Except there had been no previous calls!

Under EU rules I discovered we could claim for our delay. So I went onto resolver.co.co.uk and put in my claim.

Sadly the following day I received a response from Easyjet telling me they could find no record of me, but that I should send in via their form. So I did.

Finally we boarded the replacement aircraft. Same crew. Captain came on the PA system to apologise for the delay and to give us the good news that the spare part for the broken plane had also arrived!

Poor EasyJet! Such a bad day! A huge drop in share value because of the Covid19 worry, refreshments all round and compensation to boot!