Diddly Squat Farm Shop, Chipping Norton – An anomaly!

If I were to suggest that you should drive several hours to a random country road in the Cotswolds to see a small farm shop you would think I was bonkers!

One man, known for his wit, cars, media columns and now his farm have turned a small spot on the edge of a field into the equivalent of a Diddly Mecca, except it’s called Diddley Squat Farm Shop.

I was on our way to London and said to my wife lets deviate and go via Chipping Norton.

Now for those that know their geography they will know that a journey from Manchester to London doesn’t pass anywhere close to Chipping Norton, but deviate we did.

Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the Amazon series called The Farm created by the legendary Jeremy Clarkson.

If you’ve not seen it, you must! It is hilarious and yet is full of really interesting Clarkson facts on running a farm.

He buys a farm with no knowledge or experience and with the enlisted help of others begins his new venture.

In my mind, we would likely arrive at Diddly Squat Farm far from any cities and find that there was literally no-one there.

I was absolutely gobsmacked! The place was heaving! … more bizarrely, there were queues for a shop the size of a small shed.

The genius of this place lies in the madness that Clarkson has created … watch the series and you’ll discover more about the Bee Juice (honey), Moo Juice (Milk) and The Dogs Bollocks (wax).

There is a cows shed that is serving some drinks and food that overlooks a bare field, porta loos and parking for hundreds of cars.

Go figure!