Crowded House, Heap Bridge, Bury – And I can see why!

Had lunch with friends in this lovely quirky little place on the main road on the way into Bury.

Already Whitefield is becoming well known with great food from a myriad of places popping up all over the place, Crowded House is just beyond that strip and well worth the visit.

The interior of the place is surprisingly simple and yet full of character. Sort of playground come cafe sort of look.

We had the Smoked Haddock Colcannon, topped with a poached egg (a little undercooked, but that’s me being picky) and mustard grain sauce… fabulous!

There is style, the staff are non-intrusive and friendly. The seating and tables adequate without making any special statements. But the food is definitely worth going back for.

Don’t expect table linen or silver service. The place is a Crowded House as locals descend in large numbers to get a table in this very busy little place.

I enjoyed the desert, a berry cheesecake in a chocolate cage,

whilst my wife tried something similar with pears and salted caramel.

The final touch was the chef that stood in front of the bar casting a watchful eye over his clients.

Bravo.. good meal… highly recommended.