Croma, Prestwich – A draft with good food

When my oldest friend Simon recently paid us a welcome visit we decided to go out for a local bite to eat in Prestwich.

The traffic presently in the village is horrendous due to the roadworks, remodelling and redesign to bring class and much needed business to the area.

Croma is one of those Italian restaurants where you just know that the pizzas are consistently good, the salads huge and the pasta tasty.

My wife had the florentine pizza .. famous for the egg!

Whilst I went for the mushroom, spinach and chicken pasta.

I like the clean table cloths, the smart staff in black and the modern airy space .. but boy the owners should try sitting by the window where you’re in direct line with the gale coming from their air con. The internal large plant blowing all over the show should be a clue that sitting at this table is a non starter… hence why we moved after 2 minutes.

Apart from this small blip I liked Croma, found it reasonably priced and wouldn’t hesitate at suggesting you try it at lunch time or for an evening out.