CoViD-19 – Mental Health Issues

It’s not surprising, nor an understatement, to say that during this global pandemic none of us is quite sure how this will end.

Life as we know it has been abruptly brought to a standstill. Uncertainty is setting in for all of us, the wealthy, the poor, the haves and have nots.

But whilst many of us change our normal habits, all around me there are people panic buying, losing their livelihoods and savings/investments tumbling uncontrollably down a very long mountain.

Pension plans are disrupted, anticipated income now uncertain in business and job insecurity unfolding on a mass scale.

The government is taking unprecedented steps to help businesses and people with grants and paying towards wages where staff might otherwise be laid off. Business rates removed for a year, taxes deferred.. total and utter carnage for the future of the UK.

Whilst all of this is going on, the mental health of individuals that can’t, don’t, or even if they can, generally cope under pressure are starting to suffer.

It’s the worry that they won’t be able to buy food, toilet rolls or pay bills. Its the worry of contracting CoViD-19, getting ill themselves or their loved ones and the serious worry that someone may die.

For those that are feeling the pressure, don’t panic.

Don’t talk up the negative, the doom, and gloom. Look for positive things to say and do. Think about keeping busy, clearing out old draws, making good use of the time at home.

Worrying daily in isolation will serve no purpose.

One thing is certain, this will not go on forever.