Coronovirus (CoVid-19) – Should we be scared?

Absolutely not!

You have to put these things into perspective in my view.

If you get it, odds are that you will survive, meaning you’ll most likely be immune.

But being scared is the wrong emotion to have. It’s fear of the unknown that makes this such a worse situation.

Statistically authorities know that this disease is spreading fast, but then that is not unusual. This is what happens with colds and flu.

They know they have no antivirus yet and with so many that will be ill they know that medical facilities will not cope… and that is the real issue.

No one wants a bug, but sadly we all catch colds, flu and get infections from time to time.

Lessons over many years have taught us to be hygienic, wash our hands, brush our teeth and not to drink dirty water. We’re even advised to vaccinate if we are travelling to areas prevalent with disease.

So should we be scared about this CoVid-19 or is fear creating fear?

When people talk about buying in for periods of self isolation it starts to cause panic buying.

Across the world, media outlets report people bulk buying hand sanitiser and toilet rolls.

The world is going mad!

The science tells us that for thousands of years nature will always have the edge and whilst no one wants to get ill, we are human and the idea of the globe self isolating, hibernating under rocks and stopping the entire worlds industrial wheel, not being able to socialise feels a step to far… or is it?

I’d rather not live my life isolated.

So should we be scared .. no just adjust your life as we all would to minimise the risks of taking ill.

But isn’t that what we’ve always done?