Charles Tyrwhitt – Where shirts that fit, are made

Gentlemen, if you’ve not tried a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt I strongly recommend that you try one.

This is a company run with passion for style, fabric, and fashion.

Years ago I used to buy shirts just from M&S, but never found that I was 100% happy with the size. If not the sleeve length, it would be the body of the shirt that didn’t quite fit.

What I really like about CT shirts over everyone else’s is that the shirts are made to size, so that they fit YOU.

They offer different styles of collars, double or single cuff, every sleeve length and a variety of body sizes from extra slim fit through to a classic less fitted shirt.

I’ve had around a dozen or more shirts from them now and gradually clearing out all my old ones to make room for the ones I actually like to wear, with some being non-iron, more formal and most with metal collar bones.

There are stores all over the country.

They don’t just sell shirts though! They sell underwear, socks, belts, shoes, ties, suits and jumpers, etc.

The jumpers that I love the most are their merino wool ones. They are made in a range of colours with a variety of styles from the crew, V or button necks. These jumpers look good after every wear, they keep their shape, never pill or look worn, are lightweight, warm and comfortable.

I recently looked everywhere for a suit and still ended up buying from Charles Tyrwhitt.

So as you can see I am a fan of Charles Tyrwhitt products.

Get on their mailing list, visit their website or a store near you soon, you’ll not be disappointed.