Carmelo, Tottington – A family run Italian restaurant with good food and little finesse

Some restaurants are just easy to revisit. They offer good value food, average service, but somehow its consistent and dependable.

Carmelo is one such restaurant.

It’s located in the quiet village of Tottington, a few miles outside of Bury in Lancashire.

The premises here are quaint but in need of an overhaul.

I first visited Carmelo a few months ago with friends. I felt then as I did now that whilst the food tasted ok, the presentation was by that of a cook rather than a chef, harsh I know but there was no finesse.

On this occasion, I asked for a cheese garlic bread for a starter. What I received was a bland 12-inch pizza base covered in cheese.

The main courses lacked any type of creativity, the flavour was good but the presentation was consistently amateurish.

If presentation, finesse and creativity are not your thing then Carmelo will fit the bill. Its good value and offers wholesome food that is reliable.