Brexit – We want to make our own decisions! .. But we can’t even make one!

What a farce!

The leaders of democracy, respected around the world for our wise, thoughtful and considered thinking.


We are becoming the laughing stock of the world. Having voted Brexit in a referendum, but battling with the conundrum of the result.

We want to honour the decision of the electorate, but as our elected representatives are perplexed by the result they are trying to say that leaving didn’t actually mean to go out the door and leave the keys behind.

So did the British public know what they were voting for? In my opinion they did.

Did the British people understand the consequences of such a decision? Absolutely not!

Is it undemocratic to have another referendum? Yes it would be. To run the same referendum again would make democracy laughable and untrusted.

Could the electorate be asked if they want to accept the deal on the table? Yes I think they could, but this would leave open the question of no deal or remain.

Given that some would say the current deal is worse than Theresa Mays deal the conundrum just became even more complex.

But this can’t and shouldn’t go on forever. It will never satisfy everyone. What is good for one group will be seen as bad for another.

The breaking up of the UK looks more likely daily.

So how should this be resolved.

For me there is only one way.

Hold a general election, let the party that governs do what is in the best interests of the country. If its a hung parliament then remain, until such time as there is a majority government.

Meanwhile, can we please get back to making decisions on matters of importance rather than being paralysed by Brexit!