Brexit – my solution for what it’s worth.. and I’m not happy about my conclusion!

So the country is divided.

One half wants to leave the EU and the other wishes to remain a part of it.

We have a Prime Minister that has been committed in delivering a deal that try’s to satisfy both sides.. but it stalls because it has the potential to trap us.

Do the deal and we could end up with a hard border, or even breaking up the UK.

No deal, means chaos for business.

So what’s my solution and view on all of this.

It’s irrelevant that I voted to remain, or that I would revoke article 50 or that I think Ken Clarke’s permanent customs union would be a solution.

The referendum gave a result and as it looks unlikely we will continue to rerun the vote until we get the answer we want, so I would propose the following.

Just leave.

Look this is consuming the nation .. it is damaging to industry and damaging to the EU.

If we just leave we have certainty at least.

If we just leave we can then negotiate with whomever wishes to do a deal with us.

We could raise tariffs or lower them.

I’m a remainer, I believe in the Customs Union and I believe strongly in the right to self determination as a sovereign nation.

But this divide is ripping a great country apart. We are becoming a national embarrassment.

It serves no one to continue this disagreeable debate.

Cancel article 50 and Brexiteers will say that we have become a dictatorship.

I think the only sensible solution now is to have a general election, but I fear that will satisfy no one and worse yet, create further division or let Corbyn take No 10!

G-d help us!