Blackhouse, The Grill on the Alley, Manchester – Like Steaks? You need to try a Tomahawk!

All over the world specialists exist in every field; people who do something so well that they become well known for their expertise.

Often their abilities give rise to an increase in desire by customers to benefit from that specialism.

Then you get a chef like Carl, who takes a huge piece of Yorkshire beef with a really large rib, the size of an axe handle …

and then sears it…

People get to know that this steak is a creation so good, so succulent and so unique that it requires its own original name … one that tells you that this is no ordinary steak. A name that creates a statement of what is to come.

Sunday lunch seemed an ideal time to try out this much talked about steak to be found at Blackhouse, The Grill on the Alley in Manchester.

The restaurant located just off John Dalton Street is rustic in appearance, solid wooden tables and an open kitchen with everything laid bare for all to see.

We were here to try out this new beast from the East called Tomahawk!

As we waited for our main course a rather delicious and unusual starter appeared in front of us.

What a simple and yet effective idea to serve pieces of Yorkshire pudding with a rich flavoursome gravy.

With anticipation the restaurant filled up, the atmosphere and expectation rose and then our Tomahawk meal arrived cooked as we like it .. medium.

Accompanying this pink meat were cooked to perfection traditional crispy roast potatoes, cabbage with its colour fresh and retained and mashed carrots.

Gravy, mustard and horseradish sauce added to this traditional fine looking dish.

They have deserts too and whilst not a large choice the salted caramel chocolate florentine was a nice end to a great meal. Whilst I had this my wife tried an after eight speciality coffee.

Yes, it was good, very good … in fact.. so good you definitely need to try a Tomahawk soon.

You can find out more and book a table by visiting Blackhouse, The Grill on the Alley website.