The Bird at Birtle, Bury – Brilliant Restaurant run by Nutters!

Think of Bury, Lancashire, a market town with a limited number of places to eat and you’d be forgetting the East Lancashire Railway with steam engines, Ramsbottam Choclate Festival and The Bird at Birtle.

This restaurant is run by the award winning family of Nutters! It’s located just outside Bury, in a place called Birtle, and is very deceptive in appearance from the main road.

If you’ve never heard of Nutters restaurant then you’ve not met class. Andrew Nutter is a well deserved celebrity chef producing a class of its own.

The Bird at Birtle is a relatively new restaurant after a major refurbishment of an old pub. It’s modern, classy, savvy and full of modern character. This establishment is definitely one to put on your list of somewhere to go for a great meal.

We ordered a variety of starters such as soup of the day and garlic mushrooms (above).

The black tables which don’t need table cloths along with wide arm chairs, suit the rustic character upstairs dining area.

But what I really liked about this design was the large glass wall that can be opened up. It overlooks the rear car park, fields and surrounding hills.

The main courses here are designed by a chef with a passion of food. The creative menu caters for everyone’s personal taste.

They have a decent wine list and fabulous looking bars.

Fab place, great atmosphere and a promise .. I’ll be back.

If you’d like to know more about the Bird at Birtle check it out here.