Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire, UK – A National Trust moated manor house worth visiting

Jesuit priests were hunted during the reformation around the 16th century when Protestants challenged the authority of the catholic church. It was during this time that civil war ensued, and those that remained loyal to the Catholic faith found ways to hide priests by creating priest holes.

In the Forest of Arden stands a 500-year-old moat house manor now managed by the National Trust. The house is a Grade 1 listed building with priest holes built explicitly into the property.

We had the opportunity to visit this quiet location with extensive grounds. The property was sold to the National Trust in 1980 and is well worth visiting.

I like the National Trust properties and would encourage you to visit one of the many locations that the Trust is responsible for. If you’d like more info about this property and others managed by the Trust, take a look here.