Australasia Manchester, Down Under again, but even better this time!

When you’re a foodie like me you just love flavours, textures, colours and presentation. In fact, you go out of your way to find restaurants that can consistently impress you.

I don’t confess to being the trendiest person in the world, but a real hot spot for a growing breed of restaurants, businesses and all things in vogue is around the Spinningfields area of Manchester.

If you’re unfamiliar with this part of town it’s just off Deansgate close to the Manchester Magistrates and Crown Courts.

So when my wife and I decided on a midweek date night in central Manchester, we chose Australasia, literally down under!

The entrance to Australasia.

This part of Manchester is really up and coming and our choice for the night was rewarded with a fully packed venue in the middle of a working week.

We last visited Australasia Manchester in March 2017, and it’s funny how both my wife and I remembered the visit because while we enjoyed it, we both recollected that the food at that time was very sugary, but I think that was in part because we over indulged, but not this time. In fact, we sent our compliments to the chef .. the meal was really good.

They had a few new dishes on the menu since I was last here, such as the roasted baby aubergines with caramel miso and katsuobushi for £6.75 and the Mongolian lamb cutlets with Asian slaw for £10. Both dishes were superb and highly receommended.

I love to try vegetarian food too, especially as all too often it is accused of being uninteresting. On this occasion, I tried the sweet potato tempura with chilli & soy sauce for £6.

We also added Bok choi with oyster sauce and sweet potato & rosemary mash, both £4.50 each.

The colour scheme in the restaurant is really clever, keeping to creams and browns, but adding dimension through the use of textures.

Oh, and we also tried the black cod roasted in hoba leaf for £29 which was to die for!

We finished our meal with saffron poached pear, basil, strawberry and soya vanilla ice cream, suitable for vegetarians for £8.00 and a chocolate dome with peanut, honeycomb and salted caramel sauce for £9.00

We finished our meal with a mint tea.

Australasia is a great concept and one which delivers a relaxing place to enjoy great food in a friendly environment.

They offer a very varied menu from Sushi, Tempura and mains to suit all palettes.

My wife enjoyed a cocktail called Banana Pancakes made with Absolut Vanilla, banana liqueur and coconut cream blended with milk, cream and banana.

If you’ve not been to Australasia recently then you need to get down under for a great meal and fun night out.

You can see more about this restaurant here.