And we think moving house is a challenge..

In the mountains above Mai Chau live the Hmong (pronounced hu-mum) people.

They are farmers mainly but as a side line business many families make paper .. a sort of papyrus for use by the people who print their own money… dollars, dong, etc.

They do this so that they can burn it as offerings to Buddha.

The paper is from a soft wood tree which is turned into a pulp and then ladeled over a stretched fabric mesh.

Then it’s left to dry.. which can take a day or so.

They sell these large sheets for around 30,000 dong .. about £1.

As we wondered around the village high in the mountains we came across a commotion of women and a few men.

Our guide explained that the government gives them money to widen the road.. the width of a single car.. so what do they do? Literally move the house!

The women were leveraging the property with long thick pieces of wood whilst the men shouted and gave orders.

As we watched the house slowly moved to one side.