All the Shapes, Prestwich Village – quirky with good food

Prestwich is undergoing a major facelift right now with pavements being shaped, widened and the general image improved.

So the other day my wife and I took a stroll through the village to just browse the many shops and pop into a local bistro just off the main road called All the Shapes.

I have no idea why or where a name like this came from, but the interior mixed decor was actually quite homely and yet quirky at the same time.

Some walls here are brick, showing character and design, the bar is filled with shapes and coloured bottles and what looks like an enamel sink with beer heads.

Then you have areas that look unfinished… sort of as if they ran out of money, time or something and just said .. that’ll do!

They have a similar sized area upstairs running alongside the kitchen.

The metal framed chairs with shaped plywood back and seat from remind me of my school days. Whilst the decor was plain it was acceptable and atmospheric with simple wired lights from the ceiling perfectly placed over the eating areas.

We ordered soda bread with scrambled eggs, wild mushrooms and I added grilled Halumi cheese to my order.

I also ordered the home made lemonade.

They appear to have two types of menu here, a tapas style menu available only at certain times and the breakfast/snack menu.

The food was really good! The staff friendly and pricing generally quite reasonable, although £2 extra for each topping with the scrambled egg a little high.

The staff and the atmosphere made our visit to All the Shapes a place worthy of more than one visit. It felt homely, caring and made you feel at ease.

Great place to chill and I would encourage you to try it sometime.