A Really Surprising Reaction from a Roll On Antiperspirant!

I have to admit that this pandemic is wearing me down….

Despite working for many years from home, the lack of social interaction, the demise of visits to restaurants and theatres have all resulted in a more reclusive and laid back routine.

More walks, less driving and less need to get up promptly in the morning are all a consequence of lockdowns.

I suffer with aches and pains, particularly with my back after two major operations and regularly pull a muscle just bending down.

A couple of years ago I went into the chemist to get a much needed heat pack for my back and a little old lady suggested that I try the roll on deep heat instead.

So where am I going with this tale…

One morning I sleepily woke in pain and proceeded to get out of bed.

Usual routine, toilet, teeth, antiperspirant and then all hell broke loose!!

Without thinking I had inadvertently rolled on my antiperspirant under both arms only to discover that my arm pits were on fire!

Without any thought I had picked up the roll on deep heat and applied it to both arm pits!

I can only say it is not something I recommend.