A Journey to Arenal, La Fortuna – Cloud Forests, Volcano, Wildlife and Spas

Our time in Monteverde was relatively short, just 1 day, 2 nights, before we moved on to Arenal, La Fortuna.

Our journey by minibus took us over the rolling mountainous countryside passing wind turbines picking up the constant current of air that makes up the many microclimates of this country.

Interestingly the wind turbines were covered in grey dust, which our guide told us came from the Sahara.. but I was sceptical and wondered if it actually came from one of the 22 active volcanoes.

We then arrived at a small landing at the side of Costa Rica’s largest man-made lake. Our luggage was transferred to a small craft and we were transported by water across the lake to a waiting vehicle to take us on the last leg to our hotel.

As the boat navigated across the lake we passed lots of wildlife including the elusive kingfishers.

The final part of the journey which started by the edge of the Arenal Dam, which provides 31% of the electricity to the country, took us by road to the La Fortuna area.

We stopped on route to see the cutest of animals called the Coati (pronounced Co-ar-ti).

Finally we arrived at our hotel, the Royal Corin.

Wow! What a beautiful hotel and location, located at the base of the Arenal’s volcano that was last active in 2010.

The hotel grounds here and at other hotels boast spa pools that have a constant 39c/102f temperature.

I’ll share more about Arenal and the hotel in my next post.